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Update your homeowners insurance
or provide a new policy to your lender.

Update your homeowners insurance
or provide a new policy to your lender.

3 Easy Steps
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Step 1: Obtain Insurance Policy
Why was I referred to this site?

We do not have proof of coverage for your property to ensure you are fully protected. Please upload a scanned copy of the below mentioned document as a next step.

What is a Declaration Page?

An insurance declaration page is the first page of your insurance policy documents for any type of insurance. It includes relevant information that policyholders need to know in the event of a covered loss.
View sample Declaration Page

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A master policy or certificate of insurance on an Accord form provides proof of insurance coverage for exterior parts of the building, such as the roof, but also internal areas like elevators and hallways.
View sample Certificate of Insurance Page

Step 2: Upload Insurance
What should be included on the document?

For Homeowner (Fire/Wind) and Flood Insurance: Ensure this document includes:

  • Insurer Name
  • Property Address
  • Policy Number
  • Coverage Amount
  • Term
  • Deductible Amount
  • Premium Amount
  • Effective Dates
For Homeowner Associations: Ensure the document includes information to match to your loan:
  • Loan Number
  • Insurer Name
  • Your Property Address with unit number

Note: We accept uploaded pages in .tif, .jpg or .pdf format (less than 10MB)

Step 3: Receive Email Confirmation
How do I know my submission was received?

We will send you a confirmation email following your submission.

We will automatically send you a confirmation following your submission. If you would like to receive an additional status update email after your document has been processed, be sure to check the indicator box next to the “Submit” button before finalizing your upload.


What would happen if insurance coverage is not provided?

We would need to purchase insurance on your behalf and it will be charged to you.

Don’t have a Reference Number
Most uploads do not require a Reference Number to provide the insurance information. If you have reached this page and do not have a Reference Number, please type the exact URL provided, including the name of the bank (no spaces).
Example: www.ihaveinsurance.com/<yourbankname>
To find your Lender, launch the Virtual Assistant, type the words "Reference Number" and follow the prompts.